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Whether you are missing a tooth or need a tooth replaced, dental implants may be the best solution. At 3 Stone Dentistry & Implants, we specialize in providing you with the best quality implants. This procedure replaces the tooth root with a metal post. Once the jawbone heals, it begins to fuse to the implant. The post will hold an artificial tooth that will look and function just like your real teeth. Our implants will give you the natural feel and performance of real teeth. They will not slide around in your mouth or make noises like dentures might. 

The professionals in our Latham, NY office will walk you through each phase of our three-step process:     

  1. We will surgically place an implant into your jawbone. We allow three to six months for your jaw to heal around the implant, at which point it acts like a natural tooth root.
  2. On a second visit, your dentist will attach an extension, or post, to your implant. Your gum tissue will heal naturally around this post over the next couple of months.
  3. The implant can now serve as the foundation for a new tooth or dentures. Once we create your crown or denture, it is attached to the implant post, and you are on your way!
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Mini Implant Denture System

The professionals from 3 Stone Dentistry & Implants are proud to offer our Mini Implant Denture System which is both simple and affordable! In fact, the procedure is so simple that it takes less than an hour to complete. The best part is, most patients can eat within hours after the procedure. 

The Implant System for Dentures is an FDA-approved, mini-implant system that allows you to quickly and easily secure your dentures in place. If your dentures often become loose, causing them to slip as your bone structure changes, this is the solution for you. 


These dentures are secure and won’t slip when you talk or eat! They cause less of a mess than regular dentures, as you won’t need denture adhesives, pastes, or powders. They even make eating much more enjoyable and speaking easier. They’re worth every penny spent in terms of comfort and convenience.  

Call our office to learn more about our Mini Implant Denture System today. 

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Our Patient’s Reviews

Our team here truly cares about our patients, from the moment they walk through our doors until the next time we meet. Quality care and communication remain a top priority at our practice, and we certainly hope this dedication shows!

Darcy Lubking
Darcy Lubking@Google_Reviews Read More
I was afraid of the dentist & was for many many years. When I finally booked my new patient appointment I was very nervous and ashamed of waiting for so long due to my fear. When I went there, I was not shamed or questioned one bit, I felt comfortable. Everyone at that dental office is very nice & accommodating! I honestly do not have anything bad to say. I recommend this place
Rebecca Dague
Rebecca Dague@Google_Reviews Read More
I was extremely impressed with my experience here…I lost my bridge……called on Friday afternoon….they got me in first thing Monday morning…and by 2pm….I had teeth again….Dentist was cool and nice…very personable….and Ali the Assistant was a BOSS…
Jeannie Avellino
Jeannie Avellino@Google_Reviews Read More
I am a new patient of 3 Stone Dentistry. The Dr. was very informative about what needed to be done as well as providing different options that were pheasable for me. They also took my concerns into consideration which helped me feel comfortable during my appointment. The office staff go above and beyond to get back to you in a timely manner, to answer any questions that you may have. For these reasons I give them 5 stars and highly reccomend their services !

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Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many benefits to having dental implants. They include the following:

  • They appear natural and more realistic.
  • They can reduce the speed of bone resorption when a tooth is lost.
  • They are secure.
  • They preserve your natural tooth structure. 

Your life can change with dental implants, improving your confidence, smile, comfort, and more. Call us today to schedule your appointment. 

Bone Grafting and Socket Grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that is often used to fix issues with bones and joints following surgery. It is a simple procedure that is crucial to making sure no problems arise following your dental implant surgery. This procedure requires our dentist to “build” bone so that dental implants are able to be placed. Bone tissue is transplanted to ensure that the healing process after your surgery is smooth and your new teeth are secure. Bone grafting is especially important in helping to fix bones that have undergone trauma. 

Furthermore, our dentists may need to perform socket grafting following your tooth extraction to ensure proper healing. Following surgery, your tooth socket tends to swell up and shrink, so we must intervene with a socket grafting procedure. To avoid any issues, we will insert a dental implant or fill the hole so that the socket is still able to hold onto your new dental implant and you will not face teeth misalignment or jaw issues in the future. 

Although it sounds like a strenuous surgery, our professional staff will make sure that you are properly sedated and comfortable throughout the procedure. We hope that through our bone grafting and socket grafting procedures we will be able to give you the set of teeth that you have been dreaming of. Call today to learn more about this procedure.

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